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Chimney Service in Springfield

Chimneys— they’re cool, cozy, and classic for every home, any time of the year! It could be made of clay, masonry, or metal. And it isn’t only a nice structural addition, but it’s also important as a ventilation system. It isolates hot, harmful gases produced by boilers, stoves (most commonly, fireplaces!) that would definitely cause mounts of damage— not only to your family’s health, but it also has a say on how much time your infrastructure can hold up before deteriorating.

But… your chimneys themselves bear the brunt of it all, full force. Cycles of freezing and thawing, and not to mention the moisture from weather, can take a dramatic toll on your chimney structure’s stability, and it’s not something you can put off once you recognize the signs.

But not to worry. Chimney brick repair is fairly easy, especially when you’ve got the right people working on it. Especially when the right people’s names are Springfield Chimney Repair Co.! We specialize in, you guessed it, none other than chimney repair, right here in the home of Springfield, Missouri! Our chimney services are top notch, and the best quality the state can offer. And for a real competitive price, we’ve got to say— we’re a bargain! And it’s a bargain where you get more than what you pay for. 

No doubt, you’ll be one of our many satisfied clients, once you give us the chance to finish working on your chimney. In the first place, we value the quality of work and customer satisfaction before anything, so there’s no reason to hold you back from taking a chance with us! Rest assured, Springfield Chimney Repair Co. is licensed, certified, and professionally trained mason who’s been in the industry for a long time already to consider masonry as second nature. We also prioritize safety precautions for our workers, since there’s always a risk of falling when working on a roof, so it’s always best if you skip on doing your own chimney repair and let the professionals handle it. But there’s no need to worry— let us take care of all your chimney needs and leave all the heavy lifting to us. All you need to do— is admire your newly restored chimney once we’re done, and we’ll be out of your hair once everything is settled, and after we’ve made sure you’re happy with the outcome!

But first off, how do you even decide your chimney needs repairing? 

It’s always your choice! Whether the bricks all cracked up, the mortar is completely missing, or you just think that your chimney needs a little touching up— Springfield Chimney Repair Co. is up for the challenge, no matter how hard (or simple) the job is. Our chimney services are sought after, Missouri, and we’re sure you’ll get an idea just why after we’re done with yours. Nevertheless the situation, we always leave with clean, seamless results. Always. That we can guarantee.

So how exactly do we make it so?

We’d love to make your chimney good as new again with a little abracadabra, but unfortunately, it takes hard work to do so. But don’t worry about us! We’re seasoned experts, and our handiwork stands the test of time (you can check out our reviews!). It comes with the job, but we love to do our craft. Plus, it pays off, you know? It’s an honor to help out our fellow homeowners. 

Going back, restoring your brick chimneys is not an easy task, but certainly not impossible! The best part about chimney brick repair is that you don’t need to stress out on a grueling process (nor an empty wallet)! With us, there’s no real need to replace the whole brick structure, nor any reason to break the bank. Bricks can last you for the better part of the century, that much is true. The mortar holding it in place, however, is easily dispensable. With weathering and moisture, it doesn’t take long before mortar chips off, compromising the whole chimney. 

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replacing a chimney cap in springfield mo

Chimney Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing has the advantage of securing your structure, without any extreme measure. Tuckpointing (or repointing), is the process wherein the mason scrapes the original weak mortar out of the way, and replaces them with new mortar into the open joints. This is a great solution, if you’re mainly just noticing missing patches of mortar here and there, or crumbles of them somewhere around the area. This repair should be done as soon as possible, to prevent any disasters from happening. Patching them up as early as you can can save you thousands of dollars worth of damages, and chimney service doesn’t even cost that much in the first place. (It’s a win-win).

But if you find that your chimney problem runs deeper than that, we’ve also got you covered, Missouri! Bricks aren’t always what it’s cracked up to be (see what we did there?). When you take a closer look, there can be fractures that go deep within, and depending on the severity, it would also need brick work (worse, replacement) together with the mortar. But rest assured, we handle those quite neatly too.

For hairline cracks, patching it up with a sealant is already more than enough. For cracked bricks that range from maybe borderline serious to absolutely dangerous, the use of masonry tools, cement, as well as complete removal and replacement (may vary depending on the situation) is necessary for the safe ‘go’ sign to let your chimney continue to be up and running. 

Lastly, we also offer flue-liner replacement services for the home owners who’ve been finding their chimney liners problematic, or in the brink of deterioration. Flue liners serve a great deal in keeping your chimney safe to operate. It stops carbon monoxide from entering your home, keeps flammable embers at bay, and the likes. With that said, flue-liners that continue to go unchecked could result in a number of accidents— including igniting combustible materials, damaging the interior structure. So, quite obviously, it’s as much of an important structure to chimney repair, as tuckpointing and brick repair. 

Fortunately, Springfield Chimney Repair Co. specializes in every single one of them.